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Thursday, November 8, 2012

"And the winner is....."-Election 2012

Reflection, Connection
So this was the first time I actually got involved in this Election Year.  I usually watch the election on TV when I'm flipping through the channels just to see whos in the lead.  But I never really "Watched it". I think I was more involved in this year election because it was a project and I wanted to see who would be leading the rest of the four years as I am going to be in college.  So the good news is that question three was passed yeah to a new Fogarty Life Science Building.  Besides watching the election on TV, I didn't vote this year but I am still glad to see the end results.  I am a supporter of Obama, (Sorry) but I don't think that Mitt Romney is real he sounds fake and I just don't think he would have been a good president.  (Sorry to offend anybody otherwise).  I was still involved in the election day because at my work place we had 30%off an entire purchase when you present your "I Voted" sticker, which I thought that was a nice thing to offer to the customers.  So I watched the election on Abc6 and Nbc10 too, the results were neck to neck, I took a couple notes, and here's what I found: (Obama =78  Romney = 76) And Romney won in Tennessee, this was @ 8:30p.m.  Channel 10s results (Obama = 57% Romney = 41%) at 8:42.  Then at 8:50 (Obama = 78   Romney=82).  At 9:12 (Obama = 123  Romney = 153).  Then at 9:48 (Obama = 153  Romney = 153) it was a tie and they need 270.  When I was watching the election I kept an eye out for Jill Stein which was the third opponent that my group chose to look at in this 2012 election year.  I had seen that at 8:42, Jill had 1% vote.  I connected this election to the group project as I watched the election.  This election was connected to the two readings that we had read in class regarding Obama and Romneys speeches of their wives explaining their husband.  We analyzed the aspects of their speech to the language and word choice that they were saying towards one another.  We had wrote on the board the comparisons about the first lady speeches.  This election relates to my academic stance as we analyzed both political parties as they gave their speeches.
Along with the election project I felt as though I was involved more in this years election than others as we looked at every aspect made t-charts in comparison and how we were assigned to watch the election.  I never would watch the election but this year this class made me feel more involved in the political sense and what is going to be going on in the next four years.  Hopefully Obama keeps his word and helps the economy and the crisis that we are having.


  1. same here, this was my first time voting and ever getting involved with the election and I feel that the class project we have done was the foot point for me to getting more involved. and also how so many people were against Obama but he was still able to get a second change with us.

  2. great that you got involved didn't it feel different then flipping through the channels and not getting involved. congrats for getting involved