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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Event Post

Just wanted to say that Friday I was working and I was in the BabyGap section and a mother and her probably 5 year old daughter were looking at the toddler clothes and I was walking around offering customer service.  When I overheard this mother and daughter talking and the daughter said "Mommy there's no princess like clothes here" just with that comment I was hooked to see what the mother would say and I was shocked thinking oh good is this really happening.  So the mom turned around to the daughter looking at me saying "yeah there is no princess clothes here, lets go to the other section (kids) to see if we can find something for you to wear that's more Princessy"  I just was shocked that the little girl was saying that and the mother just went along with it.  We do sell pink clothes and we have pink tutus but I'm so confused as for why that would happen.  In my head I was thinking about this class as this was taking place in my work place.  Really!??!! Just another day at work with little kids categorizing themselves already from a young age.
This event relates to the article we read in class called Cinderella Ate my Daughter.   As it talks about girls and how society is revolving certain colors for genders.  It mentions pink and then I connected this to my day at work as it was unbelievable of how this girl was acting and how her mother was promoting it.  This article has made a difference of how I look at things.  Although when I gift wrap the customers bought gift I use the baby blue string to go around the box and then we have three types of sticker; a green owl, a blue whale and a pink elephant.  Its ironic that the company sends us just those certain types of colors for supply.  Usually I ask the customer what color sticker they would like and sometimes people say its fine anything is good so normally I put the gender color of what gender there buying for.  I question myself now should I give them a choice or should I just supply it on the box?  This situation also refers to "What about the Boys" as it shows what is occurring for the boys point of view and how society is categorizing .

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